Sound expertise guarantees success

High-performance oils and oil mist lubrication systems developed by experts

Founded by Wilfried Wahl in 1968, Unicut has been a family business to the present day. What does this mean for our customers? We are highly committed to our products’ advancement and therefore we can guarantee top-performance results.

Willfried Wahl
“Decades of experience does not mean that we simply rest on our laurels and rely on our success. Not at all! We are up to the challenge of working on new developments in a highly qualified manner. As technology is evolving we keep a close eye on the ongoing technological development and never forget about our customers’ needs.”
Wilfried Wahl, Company founder, Managing Director, Head of Product Development
Monika Wahl
“Budget-conscious and solution-oriented is this is how we think and plan for our customers. Top-quality products always take centre stage.”
Monika Wahl, Managing Director, Head of Finance and Production Planning
Jürgen Wahl
“Our customers’ satisfaction is our key criterion in terms of quality. In order to keep our quality at a high level we only sell top-quality products – however, we also provide detailed and flexible advisory service based on our technical versatility and comprehensive project experience.”
Jürgen Wahl, Managing Director, Head of Sales and Application Technology

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