Series-production quality and special solutions

High-precision spraying systems

Designed for large-scale industry use, UNICUT® spraying systems are manufactured with maximum precision in line with highest quality standards. They are suitable for any application ranging from a small business to large-scale operations. Our customers appreciate our efforts to meet their particular needs to make sure that everything runs smoothly at their facility. Even beyond our current portfolio we can offer tailor-made solutions to meet our customers' needs.

A special solution on hand: the internationally patented UNICUT® Duplex-System, with which we have been able to combine the benefits of minimum quantity lubrication with those of oil and emulsion lubrication.

All our devices are virtually maintenance-free which is the result of sophisticated technology – we keep it as simple as possible but still manage to guarantee unparalleled efficiency.


Virtually maintenance-free pressure vessel system with two-phase nozzle for any number of lubrication points, specially designed for UNICUT products; major fields of application are bandsaws, circular saws and milling machines.


Pump station with up to ten lubrication nozzles, made to customer specification and application scenario, also able to operate under extreme conditions, virtually maintenance-free; major application areas are milling machines for slabs and large circular saw blades.

UNICUT® Duplex-System

High-end special solution with high-capacity synergy effect: friction is reduced to an absolute minimum due to special high-performance lubricants and any remaining residual heat is eliminated by means of a specifically designed cooling fluid.

Applications: automatic cut-off lathes, bandsaws, circular saws for steel, stainless steel and special materials.

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