Quality is our ambition

Minimum quantity lubrication and minimum quantity cooling lubrication on a very high level

To take account of technological advancements and our customers´ expectations, we strongly rely on customised and application-specific solutions which means for you that we meet your individual requirements – both in the high-end and standard segment.

Our products are manufactured IT-based in state-of-the-art production facilities. A stringent monitoring regime with regular checks and the annual certifications according to DIN ISO EN 9001 as well as DIN ISO EN 14001 ensure a consistently high and reliable quality standard.

With a view to our oils and spraying systems, we expect top quality from ourselves. Nevertheless, our comprehensive project experience that we have acquired in numerous application scenarios and a wide variety of tasks have made us highly qualified professionals able to accommodate your needs in a flexible and competent manner.

Safety: our promise

High-performance cutting oils without hazard classification

Unicut® lubricants are free from PCB, PCT, aromatic compounds, chlorine and other halogens. None of the products have been classified as hazardous or irritant working substances nor are they considered to be harmful to human health. Choosing our high-performance cutting oils will keep the risks for the health of your staff at a minimum as our products are gentle on the skin and largely biologically degradable. They are easy to use which makes them even safer.

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