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What is minimum quantity lubrication and how does it work?

Minimum quantity lubrication is used when machining metal materials where the lubrication is sprayed on the processing tool with pinpoint accuracy. This is to minimise friction thus avoiding heat generation as far as possible which otherwise would lead to increased tool wear.

In this process tiny amounts of a highly pressure-absorbent and wear-minimising special lubricant are applied on the tool with utmost precision. Depending on the application, the lubricant contains specific additives that have been specifically designed for the process and the material to be machined.

What are the benefits of minimum quantity lubrication?

Compared to emulsion lubrication the lubricating effect of high-performance cutting oils is considerably better. Friction and heat generation are reduced further leading to minimised wear and an increased production speed which in turn helps reduce costs significantly.

In addition to that, high-precision spraying systems are used that keep media consumption at a low level and efficiency at a maximum. Again, this helps you save money.

Is UNICUT® minimum quantity lubrication also suitable for large-scale machinery?

A clear YES, since UNICUT® minimum quantity lubrication has been composed for large-scale industry and is already being used in a wide range of applications.

It was developed more than 20 years ago with leading engineering companies for special-purpose machinery, and ever since it has been improved again and again in the light of increasingly challenging customer demands.

Applications are, amongst others:

  • Steel and aluminium slab milling
  • High-performance bandsaws
  • High-performance circular saws
  • Boring mills

Are UNICUT® products more expensive than those of other companies, bearing in mind that UNICUT® is a premium manufacturer?

When we at UNICUT® talk about "premium", we actually mean premium quality.

Indeed, we attach great importance to high-quality materials, which is especiallytrue for the process, but it also reflects our concerns about the environment. However, this does not stop us from offering products in various price categories,

We recommend the STEEL and ALU range to our performance-oriented customers These ranges include special products in terms of efficiency and potential that still remain unparalleled.

But since not every application requires maximum performance, we sell the BASIC series products as well which represent a decent and sensible alternative at a reasonable price compared with your special products.

Where can UNICUT® minimum quantity lubrication be used ?

Committed to our pioneering position, we place great emphasis on our products' further improvement. A total of 45 years of experience have helped utilise minimum quantity lubrication for various applications such as:

Bandsaws, circular saws, milling machines, drilling, turning, automatic lathes, cutting-off, broaching, thread cutting/tapping, deep drawing, grooved pulleys and keyway broaching, grinding, counterbore activities, compressing, deep hole drilling and deforming. If your required application is missing from this list - despite its diversity — just talk to us. We can find a solution for almost any problem!

What are the strong points of UNICUT® minimum quantity lubrication in comparison with conventional products?

Quality is the crucial factor for us — you can count on our high-tech solutions and our environmental responsibility! This means in other words:

  • Longer tool life
  • Faster processing speeds
  • Lower consumption due to high additive content in all our products
  • High efficiency level which keeps costs low
  • No harmful substances or irritants
  • No resin formation due to premium raw materials
  • Universal applicability in all customary spraying systems
  • No aggressiveness towards oil-resistant seals

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